Microcontroller Development Boards

8086 Trainer Kit (LCD):

8086 Trainer Kit (LCD):
  • CPU 16 Bit Microcontroller @ 3MHz Clock.
  • 8 KB ROM, 256B RAM.
  • IC 8279 interface for keyboard and Display Unit.
  • 24 Bit I/O available using IC8255 interface.
  • 7 segment LED connected for displaying Address and Data field.
  • RS232 serial interface connected in SOD,SID line for PC interface.
  • I/O line are user friendly to connect the External ADC,DAC input/outputs.
  • I/O Pin are possible to interface to Stepper motor, Buzzer, LED, etc.
  • Interrupt and Reset futures.
  • In-Built 5V/1.5A Power supply (AC 220V i/p).