89C51 Development Board:

89C51 Development Board:
  • 8 Bit Microcontroller @ 11.059 MHz.
  • 64 KB ROM, 512 B RAM and 32 KB Flash EEPROM.
  • RS232 full duplex with MAX232 transceiver for serial I/O to PC.
  • PC Programmable and debug able.
  • LCD 2x16 Display connected board.
  • 4x4 keypad interfaced.
  • 24 Bit I/O line interface with IC8255.
  • 8 Bit Digital to analogue Converter IC DAC0808 Onboard.
  • 8Bit ADC to user selectable jumper connected with Pot, Temperature Sensor(LM35), and external analogue.
  • ULN2003A connected for Stepper Motor, Relay and Buzzer.
  • On Board Buzzer, Relay connected.
  • On board Driver L293 of DC motor interface.
  • Interrupt and Reset futures.
  • RTOS Programming support.
  • In-Built 5V/1.5A Power supply (AC 220V I/p).