FPGA Development Boards

The Altera Cyclone family offers the ideal combination of cost, density, features, and performance for volume-driven applications. The Cyclone device family offers all this for as little as 99 cents per 1,000 logic elements (LEs). Cyclone devices are the lowest-cost FPGAs ever, making them a flexible alternative to ASICs and standard products for High-volume applications. With Cyclone FPGAs system designers building high-volume applications in the consumer, communications, computer peripheral, automotive, and industrial markets have access to the time-to-market advantages of programmable logic.

Block Diagram


  • Altera Cyclone EP1C3T100 FPGA
  • Altera NIOS CPU and other IP compatible.
  • 512 KB FLASH (for FPGA configuration and program code).
  • ByteBlasterMV port
  • Voltage regulator (1V5)
  • Crystal clock (20 MHz)
  • Serial interface (MAX3232)
  • 56 general purpose IO pins
  • On board voltage regulator
  • 4 slide switches, 8 LEDs
  • JTAG configuration
  • Altera Quartus II Webedition development tool an SOPC compatible
  • ByteblasterMV JTAG download cable included


  • Complete embedded system.
  • Nios CPU s/w development.
  • SOPC IP development.
  • Logic Analyzer using SignalTapII.
  • HDL development/verification.