FPGA Development Boards

Altera Cyclone 2

Cyclone FPGAs provide a low-cost alternative for the next generation ofapplications currently using ASICs. As a system designer, you face many challenges, including increasing cost pressures and design complexity, emerging standards, and shrinking design cycles. ASIC development involves extensive engineering resources, design simulation, and verification with multiple re-spins. With its system-level integration capabilities, the Cyclone FPGA family eliminates the costly NRE charges, minimum ordering quantities, and product-delay risks that are associated with ASICs. With the Cyclone FPGA family, you now have a near-price-parity programmable solution (as compared to ASICs) for your high-volume requirements

Block Diagram


  • Embedded memory resources to support a wide range of memory applications and    digital signal processing (DSP) implementations
  • Dedicated external memory interface circuitry for integration with DDR FCRAM and SDRAM devices as well as SDR SDRAM memory devices
  • Support for serial, bus, and network interface and a wide range of communications protocols On- and off-chip system timing management using embedded PLLs
  • Support for single-ended I/O standards and differential I/O technology supporting LVDS signaling for data rates up to 640 Mbps
  • Low-cost configuration solution with the new serial configuration devices
  • Supports configuration through low-cost serial configuration device