S.NO List Of Domains Index
1 Raspberry Pi 1-18
2 Arduino Projects 19-51

Embedded System Project Titles

    Raspberry Pi

  1. Internet of Things in Agricultural Field using Smart System for Plant Environment Monitoring and Controlling
  2. Internet Connected Patient Healthcare Monitoring in Smart Phones using Raspberry Pi
  3. Context Aware and Alerting Smart Home Device using Internet Enabled Raspberry Pi
  4. Smart Electronic Toll Collection System using Deep Learning in Raspberry Pi
  5. Cloud Connected Poultry House Monitoring and Feeding Equipment
  6. Coal Mine Environment Monitoring and Alerting Equipment using Raspberry Pi
  7. Internet Enabled e-Street Light Automation with Light Failure Detection
  8. Defense Security System for Intruder Detection using Motion Sensing in Video
  9. Video Based Landslide Detection and Remote Alert using Mobile Communication
  10. Oil Leakage Detection and Alert System using Image Processing in Raspberry Pi
  11. Remote Data Acquisition System to Monitor Dam Water Level and Early Flood Alert System using GPRS
  12. Cloud Connected Air Quality Monitoring Device using Raspberry Pi
  13. Vehicle Accident Sensing and Emergency Alert System using GPS and GSM
  14. Cloud Connected Smart Solar Photovoltaic System to Monitor Power Generation
  15. Smart Traffic Signal with Priority for Emergency Vehicles
  16. Automatic Food-Intake Monitoring System for Persons Living with Alzheimer’s
  17. Effective Garbage Management System for Smart Cities using IoT
  18. Internet Connected Smart System for Transformer Monitoring to Avoid Power Interruptions
  19. Arduino Projects

  20. Deep Sea Fishermen Patrol System for Coastal Intruder Positioning and Inshore Fishery Control
  21. Virtual Security Zones for Student Tracking in Schools to Avoid Child Abusement
  22. Internet connected High Tech Street Lighting System with Weather Monitoring
  23. Surveillance System to Detect Forest Fire and Deforestation
  24. Implementing a smart Dust Bin for Clean and safe Public Space
  25. Bluetooth Enabled Home Automation using Mobile App
  26. Obstacle Avoiding System for Visually Impaired People
  27. Home Automation System for Controlling Various Appliances and Fingerprint Security using Mobile Device
  28. A Low Cost Health Monitoring System Using E-Health Sensors in Arduino
  29. IoT based Home Security System with Automatic Phone Calling using Arduino
  30. Alcohol Detection and Fingerprint Authentication Starter with Rain Sensing Automatic Car Wiper
  31. Monitoring Soil Moisture and Automated Water Supply System Using Arduino
  32. IoT Based Architecture of Web and Smart Home Interface using GSM
  33. Automatic Energy Meter Bill Calculation and Getting Notification via GSM
  34. To Prevent CNC/LPG Gas Accident using Arduino with GSM Alert
  35. Automated Sun Tracking Solar Panel and Solar Power Measure using Arduino
  36. Remote Controlled Solar Grass Cutter Robot
  37. IoT Based Transmission Line Monitoring System
  38. Smart Wheelchair Controlled from Smartphone for Physically Disabled People
  39. IoT based Smart Garden with Weather Station System
  40. Design and Implementation of Women Auspice System by Utilizing GPS and GSM
  41. Smart Robot for Home Security using Arduino
  42. IoT Based Smart Agriculture Monitoring System
  43. Biometrically Fingerprint Authorized Secured Electronic Voting Machine
  44. Smart Energy Metering and Power Theft Control using Arduino & GSM.
  45. Vehicle Theft Intimation over SMS to Owner Who Can Stop The Engine Remotely
  46. IoT Based Helmet Tracking for Workers Safety in Coal Mines
  47. Internet of Things Based Smart Surveillance and Monitoring System using Arduino
  48. Water Quality Monitoring and Waste Management using IoT
  49. Intelligent Transportation System in City Bus Shelter
  50. Vehicle Density based Traffic Light Control
  51. Automated Solar Powered Forest Fire Detection
  52. Wireless Remote Operated Landmine Detecting Robot