1. Audio Watermarking In Image Using Least Significant Bit Algorithm.
  2. Brain tumor segmentation based on a hybrid clustering technique.
  3. Cartoon and Texture Decomposition Based Color Transfer for Fabric Images.
  4. Glaucoma Diagnosis Using EWT And GLCM Features.
  5. Image Encryption and Decryption Using Chaotic Sequence Mapping.
  6. MRI And CT Image Fusion Based On Wavelet Transform.
  7. Gender classification from the iris code used for recognition.
  8. An Automatic Mass Detection System in Mammograms Based on Complex Texture Features.
  9. Sign language recognition based on contourlet transform
  10. An Improved Pre-processing and Enhanced Face Recognition Approach.
  11. Digital image watermarking method based on DCT and fractal encoding.
  12. Analysis and Recognition of Facial Feature Expressions.
  13. BER Improvement in OFDM Using Coding Techniques.
  14. Lossless Image Compression Technique Using Combination Methods.
  15. Audio Denoising by Time-Frequency Block Thresholding.
  16. Lung lesion extraction using a toboggan based growing automatic segmentation approach.
  17. Brain tumour classification using two-tier classifier with adaptive segmentation technique.
  18. Red Lesion Detection using Dynamic Shape Features for Diabetic Retinopathy Screening.
  19. EMD based Temporal and Spectral Features for the Classification of EEG Signals Using Supervised Learning.
  20. Detection of Malarial Parasite in Blood Using Image Processing.
  21. Lips Contour Detection and Tracking Using Watershed Region-Based Active Contour Model and Modified H∞.
  22. Digital Image Watermarking in Frequency Domain.
  23. Classification of Mammogram Images Using Shearlet Transform and Kernel Principal Component Analysis.
  24. Automated Glaucoma Detection System based on Wavelet Energy features and AN.
  25. Classification of Glaucoma Based on Texture Features Using Neural Networks.
  26. Multi Image Watermarking Using Lagrangian Support Vector Regression.
  27. Real Time Sign Language Recognition using PCA
  28. Pest classification in leaf images using machine learning algorithms
  29. An improved method of audio denoising based on wavelet transform
  30. Block thresholding audio denoising algorithm
  31. Glaucoma Detection through Optic Disc and Cup Segmentation using K-mean Clustering
  32. Multimodal Sensor Medical Image Fusion Based on Type-2 Fuzzy Logic in NSCT Domain
  33. Multi-focus image fusion with dense SIFT
  34. Licence plate recognition using fuzzy clustering means algorithm
  35. Image Watermarking Using the Differences Between Two Wavelet Filters
  36. Texture Feature Selection Using GA for Classification of Human Brain MRI Scans
  37. Automatic segmentation of MR brain images with a convolutional neural network
  38. performance improvement in OFDM system by PAPR reduction
  39. Retinal Disease Screening through Local Binary Patterns
  40. A Digital Audio Watermarking Algorithm Based On Independent Component Analysis
  41. Low-Cost Face Recognition System Based on Extended Local Binary Pattern
  42. Gender Classification from the Same Iris Code Used for Recognition
  43. Exploiting Optics Chaos for Image Encryption-then-Transmission
  44. Feature Extraction for Object Recognition using PCA-KNN with Application to Medical Image Analysis
  45. ECG signal processing for abnormalities detection using multi-resolution wavelet transform and Artificial Neural Network classifier
  46. Automated Diagnosis of Glaucoma Using Empirical Wavelet Transform and Correntropy Features Extracted from Fundus Images
  47. A Novel Fusion Technique for CT and MRI Medical Image Based on NSST
  48. An Automated Classification of Microcalcifications Clusters in Mammograms using Dual Tree M-Band Wavelet Transform and Support Vector Machine
  49. Brain tumour classification using two-tier classifier with adaptive segmentation technique
  50. Segmenting Retinal Blood Vessels with Deep Neural Networks