Lab Equipments

Analog to Digital Converter:

  • Multi channel i/p (optional).
  • On Board 5V POT for analog input.
  • IC ADC 0808
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Temperature Controller:

  • 10 Bit resolution ADC0809 @ 4MHz clk.
  • On board Relay with opto coupler protection.
  • Multi input thermocouple/ RTD sensor
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Digital to Analog Converter:

  • IC DAC 0808.
  • 8/10 Bit resolution (optional).
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Stepper Motor Driver:

  • IC ULN 2003A based board.
  • Suitable for Unipolar/Bipolar Stepper motor.
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Linear IC Power Supply (+-)15v:

  • 7 segment LED Display for voltage monitoring.
  • Input AC 220v 50Hz supply.
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Dual Power Supply (0-30)v 2A:

  • Regulated Power supply for (0-30)V Dual.
  • 7 segment LED Display for voltage monitoring.
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Digital Trainer Kit:

  • On-Board Digital input (switches).
  • User friendly input/output pin connecters.
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