Store Pro

StorePro helps you to easily keep track on stock movements. It is able to handle unlimited number of products and clients. It provides you with the possibility of preparing, storing and archiving data of several business years.

StorePro is efficient and flexible enterprise software that delivers information about production and inventory. It is capable to customize, future enhancement by advanced architectural design. It allows for integration with multiple systems. Our experienced system analysts use their broad skills and depth of experience to offer a wide range of services.

Modules and Description:

  • Masters
    • Material
    • Product
    • Client
    • Supplier
    • Sub Contractor
    • User
  • Transactions
    • Purchase order details
    • Purchase details
    • Production details
    • Purchase return details
    • Quality control details
    • Sales details
    • Sales Return details
    • Subcontractor Issue details
    • Subcontractor Receipt details
    • Opening Stock details
  • Report Generation
    • Closing stock reports
    • Purchase entry reports
    • Sales reports
    • Quality control reports
    • Purchase return reports
    • Sales return reports
    • Production reports
    • Sub contractor reports