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VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) is the area of Electronics Engineering that deals with miniaturization of electronic devices that were conventionally assembled on Printed Circuit Boards. The level of miniaturization is very high that has made advanced digital electronic consumer appliances requiring billions of transistors possible in today’s age. All these transistors can be fabricated on a single chip.

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Research Area

Wireless Communications

   Wireless Communication is, by any measure, the fastest growing segment of the communications industry.Research areas related to communications like Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM), Long Term Evolution (LTE-Advanced) and MIMO OFDM are implemented in VLSI.

Signal Processing

   Signal processing relates to signal conditioning, reshaping, compressing, expanding, amplifying, extracting frequency content, extracting information and filtering of signals in order to make it ready for end user applications. The analog processing is used to remove noise and amplify signals which are mostly used as high frequency RF front end circuits in modems. The analog signal is sampled to get the digital signal. The digital processing involves Fast Fourier Transform, Encoding & Decoding techniques and Modulation & Demodulation techniques.

CMOS Technology

   All analog, digital circuits, algorithms, HDL modules have to be converted into the respective devices on an integrated circuit for making it work. The conversion is done with the help of CMOS technology. Other technologies too, exist but CMOS technology prevails because of vast advantages.

Low Power VLSI

   The power consumption is an important constraint in VLSI applications. This area of VLSI research focuses on power reduction by device scaling, multi threshold transistors to reduce leakage current and technology change.

Noise Reduction

   The electronic circuits fabricated are prone to noise. In a Mixed-Signal Chip the power supply noise adds to the other semiconductor, thermal and electrical noises. The area of research is to reduce the noise level compared to the signal level thereby improving signal to noise ratio.

FinFET Modeling

   FinFet devices are gaining importance in digital circuit fabrication applications like microprocessors and microcontrollers. The low power consumption of FinFets has made them suitable for digital applications. The research involves repacing conventional CMOS circuits to equivalent FinFet circuits.

ALU Units

   ALU units are the heart of any microprocessors and microcontrollers. The speed, area and power consumption for operation depends on the architecture. The research focuses on improving architectures with low power, area and delay.


   Filtering is an important operation in both analog and digital applications. The filters are used to remove unwanted noise and extract the desired signal. The research involves improving the linearity, group & phase delays, fall of rate in the stop band and reducing ripples in the pass band.

Data Security

   Data transmission with security amidst information hackers is needed in military and healthcare applications. AES provides secure means of data encryption and decryption. The research area improves AES key generation algorithms and architectures in order to safeguard against intruders.

Finite State Machine

   The Finite State Machine is an important component in automated machines like ATMs, Vending Machines and others. The research is done on optimal state coding to reduce transitions and implement the machine using minimal hardware.

Image Processing

   Image processing algorithms and chips find applications in imaging devices like cameras. Research is carried out on implementing the image compression, encoding, decoding and processing algorithms in VLSI.